Black Magic

An innocent play with a Ouija board goes wrong ...

Caught in the spirits world of black magic you must try to find a way out of the universe of Black Magic.

hexagram, Tarot cards, mysterious formulars, puzzles and mysteries to be solved to get back from "the other side" to the world you know.

In our Black Magic room you will be divided into 2 groups. Each group must solve various puzzles and mysteries. During the process, the two groups will be assembled and then all participants must cooperate in order to crack the last codes and solve the mystery and break out. You have exactly 60 minutes to get out!

  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - ånd i væg
  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - rum med spøgelse og ånd
  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - voodoodukke
  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - heksestjerne
  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - fortabte sjæle
  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - indgang til
  • Escape Room - Black Magic - Breakout Room - indgang til heksekeddel

Escape Room: Black Magic

  • Rødovre 6-12 in each room

  • CPH City 5-9 in each room

  • Rooms: 2 identical Black Magic Rooms

  • Time: 60 min in the room (75 min in all)

  • Level of difficulty: 8/10

  • Price: DKK 2400,- (VAT included)

Why try an Escape Room?

SuperEvents Breakout Room is constructed in a form of "hierarchy" so more participants can be activated simultaneously with different tasks and puzzles in different locations in the room. In this manner, our room can take up to eight participants at the same time. Our Black Magic room can take up to 12 participants.

The concept is ideal for all groups to have a fun shared experience. Book it at your bachelor party, company event, teambuilding, etc.

NB! You should allocate about 75 minutes for this activity, of which about 5 min. introduction is followed by up to 60 minutes in the room and about 10 min. completion.

Escape Room for larger groups: has a total of 5 Escape Rooms. Black Magic has a capacity of 6-12 participants in each compartment. You will be divided into two sub-groups in our Black Magic Escape Rooms.

If you are 13-24 participants you will have to book 2 Black Magic rooms, which will be held concurrently. We have 2 identical Black Magic room!

If your are more than 24 participants, you can supplement with our other Escape Rooms, and thereby be up to 48 participants at the same time - it is the largest capacity in Denmark!

You can book up to 96 participants in about 3.5 hours alongside with other fun events.

SuperEvent is the only provider of Live Escape Rooms in Denmark who offers a lot of other
activities under the same roof in our 2000 m2 large indoor Event Center. We can run events with activities
for all participants for groups of up to 250 guests. Contact us to learn more about the possibility of a major event.

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