RØDOVRE: Tæbyvej 3, 2610 Rødovre

COPENHAGEN CITY: Amaliegade 32, 1256 København K


  • BreakoutRoom.dk - Part of SuperEvent Aps

  • Copenhagen City: Amaliegade 32, 1256 København K

  • Rødovre: Tæbyvej 3, 2610 Rødovre

  • 3871 1717 (mon-fri, between 10-16)

  • post@superevent.dk

You can book time in our rooms by appointment seven days a week at the property 9-21.

There must be booked times in advance and preferably in good time, that is, minimum 2-3 days before.

Read more about our Escape Rooms:

If you want to book Live Escape Game at BreakoutRoom.dk, please fill out the contact form. Do you have further questions or wish to book more rooms please contact us at tel. 3871 1717 during office hours weekdays between 10-16.

    Contact us to learn more or if you have problems with the online booking system.

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