The Time Machine

You are trapped in a "time warp" from the 1980s!

Try to break out of our time machine, in which you are taken back to the 1980s. 80s was a legendary decade, with lots of good music and funny movies and the start of a breakthrough technology. Let the nostalgia run wild with Rubix Cube, VHS movies, LPs, Amiga, Pisang Ambon and more. Michael J. Fox came "Back to the Future" October the 21th, 2015 and was on this special date celebrated by many 80s fans.

You will be locked in a room filled with puzzles, codes and mysteries and you have exactly 60 minutes to break out of the 80s and back to present day!

Adrenaline pumps, tock - tock, time passes and the stressed atmosphere fills the room. Can you keep track of all the clues and puzzles? You need to share information and work together to get out of the room in time.

Trailer and introduction to Escape Room: The Time Machine

The Time Machine - CPH

  • Recommended number: 3-5 per rooms (min. 2 - Max. 6)

  • 2 identical rooms with up to 12 participants in total

  • Time: 60 min in the room (75 min in all)

  • Age: +12 years or children with adults: +5 years

  • Escape Rate: 80%

  • Scare-factor: 1/10

  • Price: DKK 1200,- (VAT included)

  • Language: English / Danish

BreakoutRoom - The Time Machine

The time machine is a very good entry-level Escape Room with many different tasks and a light to medium severity. The theme is built around the 1980s and if you have experienced this decade you get a special experience and maybe a flash back. The tasks require absolutely no prerequisite for living in the 80s and therefore the room is suitable for anyone who wants to try an escape room. There is a cozy atmosphere in the room and therefore it is also suitable for eg. families and other guests who are not into "scary" themes. In The Time Machine it is possible to have smaller children, who, with the help of adults, can help to solve some of the tasks.

Easy online Escape Room Booking:

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  • 2) Find available room

  • 3) Make your booking and pay online!

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