Black Magic

An innocent play with a Ouija board goes wrong...

Caught in the spirits world of black magic you must try to find a way out of the universe of Black Magic.

Hexagram, Tarot cards, mysterious formulas, puzzles and mysteries to be solved to get back from "the other side" to the world you know.

In our Black Magic room you will be divided into 2 groups. Each group must solve various puzzles and mysteries. During the process, the two groups will be assembled and then all participants must cooperate in order to crack the last codes and solve the mystery and break out. You have exactly 60 minutes to get out!

Video trailer and introduction to Black Magic Escape Room:

Escape Room: Black Magic - CPH

  • Recommended: 6-9 per rooms (min. 5 - max. 10)

  • 2 identical rooms with up to 20 participants in total

  • Time: 60 min in the room (75 min in all)

  • Escape Rate: 65%

  • Scare-factor: 3/10

  • Price: DKK 2000,- (VAT included)

BreakoutRoom - Black Magic

Black Magic is a room with many different tasks and a medium to high difficulty. The theme is built around a theme of black magic with witches, trolls and the occult. The atmosphere in the escape room is gloomy, but there are no shock effects in the room and therefore the room is suitable for all types of people who want to try an escape room. Note, however, our general recommendation for participants age, which are 12 years and a minimum of 1 adult per. group / room.

Easy online Booking of Escape Room:

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  • 2) Find a vacant date/time

  • 3) Finish booking and pay online!