Bomb in a Box

BreakoutGAME - Can you deactivate the bombs and save the world?

A terrorist group has planned a series of bomb attacks in 5 major cities and a deserter from the group who got cold feet has been murdered.

Before the murder, the desertist gathered a number of secret information and tools, including a copy of the group's scrapbook, as well as other important documents and drawings. In addition, he managed to grab the bomb detonator.  All this is found in an old bunker under a military facility.

Your action group is called to the place and it is your job to try to stop the bombs and save the world!

The bombs will explode when the countdown clock on the detonator reaches 00.00 in just 60 minutes

Find out, if you got what it takes to save the world and be the next heros.

Video trailer and introduction to BreakoutGAME: Bomb-in-a-Box

Escape GAME: Bomb-in-a-Box

  • Rødovre: 6-16 Players (2 bombs)

  • Price: DKK 2400,- (1 game with 2 bombs)

  • Additional price for extra bombs:
    DKK 1200,-/a piece.
    (1 additional bomb pr. 8 participans)

  • Max number of players: 96 players at the same time (12 bombs)

  • Time of the game: 60 minutes

  • Escape Rate: 50%

Bomb-in-a-Box (at your own location)

  • At your location: DKK 4800,-
    (1 game with 2 bombs, 6-16 participants)
    (10 kilometers driving from Rødovre is included)
    (+10 DKK add on for every driven kilometer)

  • Additional bombs: DKK 2400,-/a piece
    (1 extra bomb pr. 8 participants)

  • Max number of players: 96 players at the same time (12 bombs)

  • 25% discount Sunday-Thursday on mobile games

Bomb-in-a-Box - BreakoutGAME

Bomb-in-a-Box is a BreakoutGAME. It is a game where you will be presented with a background story and a number of exciting and challenging tasks that must be solved to disassemble a bomb before it has been 60 minutes. There are many different tasks and a moderate degree of difficulty.

It is important to point out that it is a game and there is no dedicated room design for the Bomb-in-a-Box game, unlike all our Breakout Rooms, which are build and designed in a theme and therefore are stationary with fixed installations. Bomb-in-a-Box is a unique concept that you can book in our facilities or "out-of-house" at your location.

Bomb-in-a-Box Breakout Game is built in MATRIX form, a kind of hiraki, this means that more participants can be activated at the same time with different tasks, and in this way all participants have the opportunity to get started with tasks and solutions.

The concept is ideal for all groups that wants a fun common experience and are ideal for eg. company holiday lunch, corporate party, team building and other types of company events.

NOTE! You have to allocate approx. 75 minutes for this activity, of which approx. 5 min. is introduction followed by up to 60 minutes to the game and approx. 10 min. completion.

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