Mobile Escape Room: Bomb-in-a-Box - BreakoutGAME

Plot and game description:

A terrorist group has planned a series of bomb attacks in 5 major cities and a deserter from the group who got cold feet has been murdered.

Before the murder, the desertist gathered a number of secret information and tools, including a copy of the group's scrapbook, as well as other important documents and drawings. In addition, he managed to grab the bomb detonator.  All this is found in an old bunker under a military facility.

Your action group is called to the place and it is your job to try to stop the bombs and save the world!

The bombs will explode when the countdown clock on the detonator reaches 00.00 in just 60 minutes

Find out, if you got what it takes to save the world and be the next heros.

Video trailer and introduction to BreakoutGAME: Bomb-in-a-Box

Bomb-in-a-Box, SUNDAY to THURSDAY

  • At your location: kr. 3600,- incl. VAT
    (1 game with 2 bombs, 6-16 participants)

  • Extra bombs: DKK 1800 / each. incl. VAT
    (1 extra bomb per 8 participants)

  • Max capacity: up to 96 players simultaneously (12 bombs)

  • Playing time: 60 minutes

  • Setup / unpacking: 60 min (30 min + 30 min)

  • Difficulty: 7/10


  • At your location: kr. 4800,- incl. VAT
    (1 game with 2 bombs, 6-16 participants)

  • Extra bombs: DKK 2,400 / each. incl. VAT
    (1 extra bomb per 8 participants)

  • Max capacity: up to 96 players simultaneously (12 bombs)

  • Playing time: 60 minutes

  • Setup / unpacking: 60 min (30 min + 30 min)

  • Difficulty: 7/10

Bomb in a Box

Breakout Game at your own location

Presentation video of the Bomb-in-a-Box Escape Game

BreakoutGAME - Can you deactivate the bombs and save the world?
Your task force has been called in and it is now up to you to try to stop the bombs and save the world!

This game is especially suitable for companies, as it contains many of the elements you are looking for in team building.

  • Communication: Only with good and detailed communication will the group succeed in the task
  • Collaboration: The tasks must be distributed in the group to achieve it within the time frame. The game is built as a matrix and you work on several tasks at the same time. Some tasks need to change hands as something does not make sense to some but will make sense to others
  • Resources: Take advantage of the resources and attributes of the group and evaluate who is good at what
  • Dynamics and leadership: How is the dynamics in the group and who takes the lead?
  • Creativity and logic: is put into play and show that all forces and abilities are needed
  • Pressure and stress: How does the group work under these conditions?
  • Fun and relationship-building: A fun game where everyone can participate. There is room for laughter and coziness and it will create a basis for a common, positive experience.
  • Observation: As a leader, it is possible to walk around among participants and observe how the challenge is approached in the different groups
  • Where?: The game Bomb in a Box can be played with us or with you
  • How many participants?: Up to 96 at the same time, with 8 pax at each unit.

OUT-OF-HOUSE - BREAKOUT GAME (approx. 1.5 hours)

  • 8-16 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 2 Bombs:
    DKK 4,800 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 12-24 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 3 Bombs:
    DKK 7,200 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 16-32 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 4 Bombs:
    DKK 9,600 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 20-40 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 5 Bombs:
    DKK 12,000 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 24-48 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 6 Bombs:
    DKK 14,400 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 28-56 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 7 Bombs:
    DKK 16,800 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 32-64 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 8 Bombs:
    DKK 19,200 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 36-72 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 9 Bombs:
    DKK 21,600 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 40-80 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 10 Bombs:
    DKK 24,000 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 44-88 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 11 Bombs:
    DKK 26,400 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • 48-96 participants: EscapeGAME, Bomb-in-a-Box with 12 Bombs:
    DKK 28,800 incl. VAT. (25% discount Sunday-Thursday)
  • +100 participants: Contact us to hear about the possibilities!

Prices for driving with Mobile Escape Game

Zip Code: Price incl. VAT
Postnummer 1000-2900
(undtaget: 2300,2640,2680,2690,
DKK 600,-
Postnummer 2300,2640,2680,2690,
2920,2930, 3500, 3520 & 4000 & 0900-0999
DKK 1200,-
2942-2990 & 3400-3460 & 3540-3670 & 4000 DKK 1800,-
3000-3200 & 3480-3490 & 4040-4100 & 4600-4690 DKK 2400,-
3210-3390 & 4130-4180 & 4300-4390 DKK 3000,-
4200-4296 & 4700 DKK 3600,-
4400-4593 DKK 4200,-
4720-4793 DKK 4800,-
4800-4990 DKK 5400,-
5000-9990 Contact us for price


Feedback fra vores gæster!

BreakoutRoom - en del af SuperEvent  er den største udbyder i Danmark med ca. 1000 m2 dedikeret til Escape Rooms i hhv. Rødovre og København. P.t. kan I prøve 5 rum, med en samlet kapacitet på 48 deltagere i vores afdeling i Rødovre og 10 rum med en samlet kapacitet på 66 deltagere i vores afdeling i København City. er en del af SuperEvent og kan som den største udbyder af Escape Rooms & Live Escape Games i Danmark tilbyde en masse andre spændende aktiviteter under samme tag i vores 2000 m2 store indendørs EventCenter i Rødovre med kapacitet på 430 gæster!
I kan også kombinere jeres dag med TeamØvelser, Mødepakke, FunEvents eller Fest. Der er gratis parkering ved vores faciliteter i Rødovre og gode offentlige transportmuligheder.

I København kan I også kombinere Escape Rooms med vores Escape Game - Bomb-in-a-Box og på den være 144 deltagere aktiveret med en escape-oplevelse samtidig.
I vores afdeling i København City er det også muligt, at kombinere Escape Rooms med andre aktiviteter som f.eks. Skydesimulator, QuizShow. Hér er også mulighed for at afvikle TeamØvelser og møder.

Kontakt os for at høre mere om muligheden for et større arrangement.