The Jungle Mystery- Escape Room for all

Play the Jungle Game and escape the mysterious jungle

Welcome to a mystery adventure in the jungle! A mysterious game will put you in the jungle among wild animals, where you must play a game on the supernatural and ominous board game.

Collaboration and the ability to solve puzzles will help you make the right moves on the mysterious and magical game board.

Be careful to choose your next move on the board and be sent around in the wild jungle

Finish the game - or stay in the magic jungle forever.
Do you dare to throw the dice and see what happens?

Video: Escape Room The Jungle Mystery

Escape Room: The Jungle Mystery

  • Rødovre: 3-8 in each Escape Room

  • Number of rooms: 2 rooms in Rødovre

  • Time: 60 min in the room (75 min in all)

  • Family Friendly

  • Escape Rate: 90%

  • Scare-factor: 1/10

  • Price: DKK 1600,- (VAT included)

BreakoutRoom - The Jungle Mystery

Escape Room The Jungle Mystery is a very good entry-level space with many different tasks and a light to medium severity. The theme is built around the game Jumanji and the task is to play correctly on the board. There is a great atmosphere in the room and therefore it is extremely suitable for eg. families and other guests who are not into "scary" themes. In Escape Room The Jungle Mystery you can easily have smaller children, who with the help of adults, can help solve the tasks.

Easy online Escape Room Booking:

  • 1) Chose number of players/time

  • 2) Find available room

  • 3) Make your booking and pay online!

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