Escape Rooms & Live Escape Games -

- You are locked in a room filled with puzzles, codes & mysteries ...and you have exactly 60 minutes to escape.

2 Locations with English speaking Game Masters and Denmarks largest capacity!

Copenhagen: 10 rooms, 3 themes, 68 participants simultaneously
Copenhagen: Combination of Escape Rooms and Escape Games = 148 participants

Rødovre: 6 rooms, 3 themes, 56 participants simultaneously
Rødovre: Combination of Escape Rooms and Escape Games = 152 participants

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Escape Rooms in Copenhagen:

  • The Time Machine

    You are trapped in a 80s time warp - And you only got 60 minutes to get back to present time!
    3-12 deltagere

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    You are trapped in a mad man's basement - Can you escape before he returns in 60 minutes?
    3-36 participants 

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    After an innocent play with a Ouija board, you are trapped in the world of Black Magic...
    6-20 participants 

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  • BOMB-IN-A-BOX (Escape GAME)

    BreakoutGAME - a terror cell as planned a series of attacks -  Can you deactivate the bombs and save the world?
    Also available as Mobile Escape GAME!
    6-96 participants

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Escape Rooms in Rødovre:

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