Chance to live - Online Escape Room

Play with friends / family from home or online via video conference.

"Chance to live" is an entertaining and educational online Escape Room that can be played online - together, separately!

5 time capsules were buried down in the year 2000 and when they are dug up again 20 years later, there are mysteriously unknown effects in the capsules in the form of photographs and flash cards with encrypted codes. The flash cards are marked with "SARS-CoV-2". Experts have solved the codes and produced a vaccine in a secret laboratory. You have found the laboratory and now it is up to you to investigate it and find the vital vaccine.

Once you have purchased access to the game, you will immediately receive an email with a link and code to start the game. The game can also be started later when you are ready to play!

Please note that the game is in English!

Videotrailer: Online Escape Room "Chance to Live"

Online Escape Room: Chance to Live

  • 2-6 players (online)

  • Play online - when it suits you!

  • Play with friends online (we recommend Zoom)

  • The game takes approx. 120 min - You can play up to 3 hours

  • Age +16 (or +12 with adults)

  • Difficulty: 8/10

  • Scare factor: 3/10

  • NOTE! The game is in English

  • Can be played on tablet or PC (We recommend laptop / PC)

  • Only requirement is internet access

  • Price: DKK 300, - incl. VAT pr. game / group

Easy Booking of Online Escape Room Game:

  • 1) Order activation code

  • 2) Contact your friends e.g. via Zoom

  • 3) Start the game via the submitted link

Online Escape Game - Chance to Live

To start with, you will meet our online game masters, who will inform you about the mission and guide you through this unique and super exciting online Escape Game. Along the way, you will have to solve various mysteries and riddles, while at the same time having fun and getting interesting information from science.

You can start the game exactly when it suits you - Once you have activated the code and started, you have up to 3 hours to end the game.

Please note that the game is in English!

  • FAQ (Questions & Answers)

    • Question: Can we use other programs instead of Zoom to play?
    • Yes, You decide which video-conference program you want to use. Another option is that each player login from their individual device and players call througt phone-conference, for instance: 81 11 12 13. In this way each player can investigate the virtual lab individually and all players can talk on the phone. Please note that all can give answer to a riddle that will be valid for the group, so be sure to agree which answer you will give.

    • Question: Can the Online Escape Room be compared with a real Escape Room?
    • Yes, story, riddles and game-flow is made in the same way. You must investigate a virtual lab that consists of a number of "rooms" with a total of 10-12 riddles. Your final task is to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

    • Question: Can we be more than 6 participants on one play-license?
    • Yes, but we recommend to be max 6 players per license so all players is engaged and by that get the best experience.

    • Question: Can we play e.g. 300 participants simultaneously?
    • Yes, You can easily play at the same time online all together in a large number of participants, e.g. 50 groups of 6 participants.
      You can also run "staggered" playing time, e.g. fewer groups on different dates or times, so that everyone gets to try the game without necessarily having to play at the exact same time, if this is not possible for you.

    • Question: Can we play if we only have i.e. 1,5 hour to play?
    • Yes, you can always take a clue and the third clue is the answer to the riddle. In this way you can proceed the game and in this way you can "control" the time you are using to play.

    • Question: Can we stop during gameplay and play again later?
    • No, You have 3 hours to play from activation of license. It is not possible to resume game later. Then you will have to purchase another license and start again.

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